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Where personality meets inspiring fashion

All fashion. No ebay ads.
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a place for inspiring fashion and no ebay ads.

I am sick of seeing florescent clothes and fishnets thrown on, the latest JCPenny's skirt and leggings outfit, and fashion communities being filled up with eBay ads. I want a community where the girls here are just as inspiring as a fashion magazine.

If we have something in common then this community is just right for you.

Here's the lowdown. Here, yes we vote. But it's the only way to regulate the different styles. Once the majority of yes's have been reached then you are welcomed to make posts and vote. Remember you can only vote if you are a member. However, if you are not, and want to comment on someone's post about how cute their skirt is, you are free to.

There will also be challenges to allow you to search deep for that special fusion!
This month's themes are here!

To join, you must make an introduction:

The story behind the name is simple.

Fusion, meaning a mix of things to form a unity of some kind.

And fashion, here meaning, the art of dressing oneself.

The point here is how you combine your personality into your clothing creating a unique style.

Examples of this are on the following websites: